A Dad’s Golden Rule-book for raising Boys

Take a printout of this, let it turn yellow, after which you can proudly pass it on you to your little fella when he grows up. He will treat it as a legacy when he has kids of his own.Be home for dinner.Be his father, not his friend. If you…

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15 Interesting Baby facts a DAD should know

To be a hands-on father, there are a few facts you need to hold in your pocket. Given that your partner is already overwhelmed with all the baby stuff and know-abouts, it would be great to pitch in some interesting baby facts you could know. Get ready to be a…

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Ads with dads : Attention dads and ad makers !

Although it takes two to tango, it's often the Mother who steals the limelight in most of the baby/child related commercials(yeah, no doubt she deserves it but....). The Mom is usually in dull dirty green/blue, saree/kurtha with messed up hair  running around the house like a drunk (although practically true)…

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