Ads with dads : Attention dads and ad makers !

Ads with dads : Attention dads and ad makers !

Although it takes two to tango, it’s often the Mother who steals the limelight in most of the baby/child related commercials(yeah, no doubt she deserves it but….). The Mom is usually in dull dirty green/blue, saree/kurtha with messed up hair  running around the house like a drunk (although practically true) but at the same time being in charge, involved and main subject of the matter whereas, the father reading the newspaper in all this chaos is portrayed as a clueless, bumbling and UN-engaged flesh of Homo Sapiens. Seriously ???. On the contrary, today’s Indian dads are smart, engaged and equally involved in child rearing, its high time we push the buttons and make the studs(stud : an animal retained for breeding) standout. The matter of fact is most fathers don’t like the way they are portrayed in the digital world and righteously demand for an upgraded version of FATHERHOOD. The version they are today, the alpha man, the alpha dad he is !

However, there are few Brands who kick-ass the stereoptypes by trying to poytray the dads in ads the way they deserve:

Flipkart :

What’s good : The ad shows an unapologetic, imperfect, involved and loving dad who is just as caring as a mom. Its an Indian commercial appreciating dads, what-else . Period

Best social media comment : Goosebumps

SBI Life :

What’s good : Shows a sensitive playful dad who takes off from work to spend time with his little girl and another dad who actually mops the pee off the floor instead of waiting for his wife to do the same.

Best social media comment : Dil ko chhoo liya

Cheerios :

What’s good : His proud introduction as a “dad” and his energy.

Best social media comment : Best commercial I’ve ever seen! Thanks cheerios for not making dads look like idiots. You’ve got my business!

Dove Men+Care :

What’s good : The fact that the kids need their dads at every stage of their life.

Best social media comment :  Masculinity has ALWAYS been about caring, especially in the form of protecting those that men love.

Alrighty guys, now that is one hell of inspiration to you, go get it .

Image source :Photo by Rhone on Unsplash

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